A gymnast who suffered gruesome injuries during a competition is asking people to stop circulating video of the incident.

“My pain is not your entertainment,” Auburn senior Samantha Cerio wrote on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

Cerio dislocated both of her knees and ruptured multiple ligaments in her legs during a floor routine at an NCAA regional semifinal meet with LSU on Friday. She had surgery to repair the injuries on Monday, and Tigers coach Jeff Graba called the procedure “an extreme success.”

While Cerio, an aerospace engineering major, is now trying to focus on the rehabilitation process, she has had to deal with a bombardment of videos of her injuries on social media. She said the constant circulation of the clip is affecting her and those close to her.

“Those of you posting and tagging me in the video of my injury, I am asking you to please stop,” Cerio wrote on Twitter. “Going through the pain and seeing my knees bent unnaturally in real life was horrible enough, but to continue to see it from videos/pictures because some people feel entitled to repost it is not okay. I have family, friends and teammates who do not need to see me getting injured over and over again.”

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Cerio announced on Instagram that she is retiring from competitive gymnastics, while Graba told NBC News that her next big goal is to walk down the aisle at her wedding in June.

“She wants to walk down the aisle and get married,” Graba told the outlet, “and we’re hoping she can do that.”

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